How will I receive my photos?

Each gallery is delivered through an online image delivery website called Pic-time. When I send the final images, they will appear in your email inbox. When you click view gallery you will then be directed to create a password. After that, you are able to download, share, and buy prints directly from the website. It’s as easy as that!

How long does it take to receive my images after my session?

Usually about 1-2 weeks! Sometimes I am finished with them in 2 days and sometimes it takes me a little longer to cull through and edit to my perfectionist liking. Either way, I will be in communication with you, giving you updates and sneak peeks:)

Do I need to pick my own locations or will you pick them?

This is totally up to you. As a photographer, I already have locations in mind, but if you have somewhere that you know and love, let me know! I love finding new locations and would be happy to choose them for you. Usually you will just tell me what you are thinking as far as a general reference, and I can come up with locations from there. These are YOUR photos, and I want you to love them! So if you love funky buildings and houses or you love a simple nature scene, we will find the the perfect place for your taste.

What should I wear to my session?

Usually I recommend something plain and simple. If you are styling your family, stick to solid colors that are lighter. This will make you the focus of the photo and not your outfit. Plus, it looks great with almost any background you choose. If you are wearing more than one outfit, pick a casual and a more dressed up look.

Does the session cost include the finished pictures, or will I have to purchase them separate?

The session cost includes the final images. Whatever package you choose comes with that amount of photos. The are your images and you are welcomed to share, post, print, or whatever you want to do with them! No extra costs will be involved unless you want to buy prints from the website:)

Do I need to tag you in the photos I post?

Yes yes yes! I do not watermark my photos which means people have no way of knowing who took the picture unless you tag me. If you post to social media please tag me! This is the biggest way that new clients will see my work and it really helps out a lot.

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